Signs it is Time for Home Window Replacement

Is it time to invest in getting your windows replaced? Unfortunately, there are many homeowners who don’t know the signs it is time to make this investment. The fact is, old, broken or damaged windows can be extremely inefficient and lead to higher heating and cooling costs, as well as other problems in a home. The good news is, a homeowner doesn’t have to guess it is time for new windows. All they need to do is look for the signs listed here.

Too Hot to the Touch

During the summer months, take some time to touch the windows to see how warm they are. If they are uncomfortable and noticeably hot when touched, then it may be time for new ones. If this issue is present, then the windows aren’t doing their job of keeping hot air out of the home. In the long run, this is going to increase the homeowner’s cooling costs.

Cool Spots

It’s also a good idea to check the windows during the cooler months of the year. When sitting next to them during the winter, does one section of the office or home feel cooler than the others? For both cost and comfort reasons, consider investing in window replacement.

Window Panes that are Damaged

The actual look of a window frame or pane can provide a sense of how old the windows are. Take a close look and see if there is any rot, or if there are cracks present. These are all indications that the frame is old, which means that the window likely is, too.


During the winter months, be sure to pay attention to if condensation or any type of moisture builds up on the windows. If so, then this means that the seal that is around the windows has become damaged. If this happens, then moisture and cool air are getting in between the panes.

When it comes to investing in new windows, most people want to be sure it is time. The signs here are clear indications that it is time to make this investment. Being informed is the best way to know when it is time for new windows.