How to Buy a Mattress

Consumers may notice that there is an increase in mattress companies today and that each spends a lot of time advertising their products. The reason is the importance of sleep. Medical studies have repeatedly proven that sleep can help to reduce the risk of many health problems including diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Mattress shoppers need to make their purchase carefully because the choice can have an impact on their entire life.

Know the Terms

Mattress manufacturers have a lot of terms and phrases that shoppers should understand so they can get what they want. People new to the market may not understand what some descriptions really mean. Look up confusing terms to avoid disappointment when the bed arrives.

Gel-infused is an example. It includes a mattress that has a gel that mixes with the foam layer to prevent overheating during sleep. Off-gassing is when fumes from the chemicals in the material release into the air once the product is unwrapped. Hybrids are mattresses that include a combination of memory foam and innerspring coils.

Look at Details

It is no longer enough to choose a bed size and a brand name because the mattress details can vary. Customers now choose the thickness of the mattress, the thickness of each of the layers, or what type of springs it has, if any. People can even decide if they want organic material. Not every manufacturer supplies a mattress and box spring combination. In fact, many companies consider them outdated and use the term foundation instead. This could mean buying something that looks exactly like an old-fashioned box spring or it could mean just having a wood platform available for the mattress.

Read the Reviews

Read all reviews before any purchase. Go to multiple websites and look at the positive and negative comments. Read the reviews from bloggers and consumer safety groups but remember that not everyone likes the same thing. Someone searching for a firm bed to help their back may discover that the bed that ranked low because it was so firm is the perfect match for them. That is why star ratings are never as valuable as the actual comments left behind.

Mattress shopping is fun because there are so many available today. It can also be confusing. Expect it to take some time to find the one that has the right price, material and construction and warranty.